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How To Get Your Ex Get Back To You Or Feel Regret By Leaving You!

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 Hi are you feel lost because you've been left behind by your beloved partner? Or do you want to do a  revenge, because she replaced you to the man or woman that you think you are much better!

  Today, lets talk about this topic! There's a lot person who got broke asking how he/she can move on  from his/her ex. 

  Moving on is very easy to tell, but it takes time or years to mend your broken heart. And as far as I know there are 5 stages that you need to go through after break-up, those are:
  • Pain
  • Distractions
  • Stepping Out
  • Withdrawal
  • Self-love
  But base on my knowledge and experience as well, Your Ex will contact you and turn back to you if you go to the last stage which is the stage of Self love. Yeah, right! maybe you can't see it, but your ex-partner want you to love yourself first.

 Yeah, You read it correctly, Come to think of it how come that your beloved ex-partner will love you back. If you can't love your own self? Loving yourself is very crucial in any kind of stages you face in your life.

What I mean by loving yourself are:
  • Acknowledge your Worth
  • Embrace your Insecurities
  • Accept and Love who you are
  By doing these loving your self method you can suddenly  feel the form of happiness. And maybe someday your ex will realize your real value or worth and  get back  to you.

  But if you want to do some revenge and feel your ex the word of Regret because she leaves you.
Then you must do this,
  • Love And Improve Your SELF
It's more powerful if you improve yourself and you always care about your looks. Think always that you are a model and the model must be always good looking and always smell's good.

And the very important is you need to have a source of financing. So that it can sustain your needs.
 This is like you market yourself and she is the buyers. If she likes you then of course she will buy! that is the idea how you can market yourself to the person that you've liked so much.

"This is very important always look and smells good and you must have a good job or source of income." 

I know they've said that if she likes you, Money doesn't matter. But let me tell you this your partner wants to feel proud of you. And she/he doesn't like to feel ashamed when someone ask who is your boyfriend/girlfriend?

This world is not fair, you must live with it! And you must keep yourself high to those people that has a judgmental eye.

If you do this, then I can assure you that your ex will feel regret by leaving you and maybe she will contact and beg for forgiveness.

I hope you have learned something from this article of mine. Have a great day!


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