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Personal Advice, If Your Parents Wont Approve Your Bf or Suitors!


  Let's talk about how to fix the problem if your parents didn't approve your boyfriend or suitors.
Many lovers around the world encountered this problem. Such as parents will decide your fate and happiness.

  Before, I think that this event will happen only in the movie or movie series. But  I was wrong. Someone in Nigeria message me on my Facebook Page. She said that:

  "Please help me, I need an advice, My parents always doesn't approve my suitors and decide who will be my partner for lifetime." 
  I was shocked, because I taught that this can only be happening in television. This is the reason why I wrote this article. It's not right that parents were going to interfere who will be their child going to marry because this is for a lifetime and were talking about our own happiness.

  Anyway, it is also not right to not follow your parents order because like what they said parents knows best! And specially if you are living  at your parents house and your parents still feeds you! Therefore, You must follow and wait for the right time to decide on your own will.

  To do this,   you must first live and stand on your own feet. If you can live and can feed your self  and also be an independent . Then you can  provoke your parents decision. And told them that you want to live your life and choose my own will and happiness, You were born to be happy not to  live someones decision like a slaves.

  You  can also  said to them that parents obligation is to raise their children send them into school and educate them. But it is not part to decide their destiny. We are the actor and author into our life. We are the captain in our own ship. We can decide either happy ending or  happily ever after.

This is my personal opinion or advice if you want to live your life on your own term. It's  up to you if you will follow or always be in prison. Adios! :)


  1. I got my first relationship when I was 12. Too early, ayt? haha. Although my parents never told me not to have relationships, they always give adivces of the do's and don't here and there.

    One advice Id like to share is, it is okay to have a relationship as long as you are not performing poorly in school. Balance. At the end of the day, attending to our studies is a gratitude to our parents. When we mature, we realize it really matters.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comments. Our readers will also love your experience and learn from it. Thanks




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