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11 Health Benefits Of Papaya (pawpaw)

11 health benefits of papaya (pawpaw)
Papaya also known as pawpaw is grown in tropical regions. It is yellowish when it is ripe or greenish when it is not ripe. It can also be yellowish and greenish at the same time.

Papaya has a lot health benefits that were discovered long time a ago. Here are the health benefits of papaya.

1.    Weight loss – Papaya is good for weight loss. This is a great remedy. Papaya is a fruit snack that should be eaten every time to shed weight very easily. Studies have shown that eating papaya daily helps you to shed weight naturally.

2.    Infection prevention – Papaya kills worms in the intestine. You can try it yourself and see the effect. Papaya has been used for de-worming for centuries.

3.    Toothache relief – Make a paste from papaya roots and apply it to your teeth and gums. It helps to relieve you from the agony of toothaches. It is an effective way to reduce aches from tooth problems

4.    Skin health – Papaya is used in many skin products because it helps to revitalize the skin. Many women also use papaya has face masks. It helps to kill dead cells and does effective skin purification. Papaya treats skin problems related to sunburn. It also helps to fight free radicals that are capable of aging your skin.  Papaya fights eczema too. It is a nice fruit for the skin.

5.    Improves heart health – Papaya’s seeds are very effective for the heart. Papaya contains three potent antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E, which helps to prevent atherosclerosis. Vitamins A and E help in no small ways to prevent cholesterol from staying on the walls of the blood vessels.

6.    Helps to reduce acne and burn – Latex from papaya can treat skin areas affected by acne. Applying the latex also helps to reduce the effect of burns.

7.    Anti-inflammation – Papaya helps to reduce inflammation in the body. Papaya contains anti-inflammatory enzymes like papain and chymopapain. The two enzymes work together to reduce inflammation in various parts of the body.

8.    Treats constipation – Papaya contains folate, vitamins C and E. These nutrients help to reduce the effect of morning sickness in the stomach and intestine.

9.    Helps to regulate menstruation – Juice made from papaya helps to regulate irregular menstruation. Eating unripe papaya normalizes menstrual flows.

10.    Helps to prevent arthritis – Papaya is very effective in fighting rheumatoid arthritis. Chymopapain is an enzyme in papaya that helps to reduce the pain associated with arthritis.

11.    Immunity improvement – Papaya is known to improve immunity. Research has shown that antioxidant in papaya helps to immune the body against diseases. The roots and leaves of papaya are very effective in the treatment of jaundice and bronchitis.

Side effects of eating papaya
•    Pregnant women are advised not to eat papaya. It is capable of causing abortion

•    Too much of it can cause pain in the stomach

•    Carpine is an enzyme found in papaya black seeds. It is known to be a toxic substance.


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