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10 Health Benefits Of Pineapple

10 health benefits of pineapple
Pineapple is a tropical fruit that is very delicious. It is surrounded by green thorns. Pineapple is a member of the Bromeliaceae family.

Pineapple Nutrition

Pineapple is beneficial to health due to the fact that it contains a lot of nutrients. It contains protein, carbohydrate, folate, soluble and insoluble fibre. It also contains vitamins A, C, B5, and B6.
Minerals such as manganese, calcium, magnesium and copper are found in abundance in a pineapple. It also contains low calories.

Health benefits of pineapples

1.   Helps in digestion – Regular eating of pineapple can protect you from indigestion. Pineapple helps to prevent constipation, diarrhoea, blood clotting and also blood pressure. Pineapples contain fibre, which helps to support the easy passage of food through the digestive tract.

2.   Promotes bone health – Pineapples contain manganese. Manganese is one of the trace minerals responsible for the strengthening of bones.

3.   Skincare – There is vitamin C in pineapples. Vitamin C is a superb antioxidant that helps to tone the skin. Pineapples also help to clear acne and delay ageing through the reduction of wrinkles appearance.

4.   Promote oral health– Pineapples have great properties that help to strengthen the gums and teeth. They also prevent muscle weakness, tooth and hair loss.

5.   Promote good vision - Pineapples have the capacity to improve eye health and also prevent age-related eye disease like glaucoma. The beta-carotene present in pineapples help to prevent vision-related problems

6.   Regulates blood pressure – Pineapples are a good source of potassium. Potassium is known as a vasodilator, which helps to ease tension and stress that occur in the blood vessels. Potassium helps to increase blood circulation to different parts of the body. When you have relaxed blood vessels, there is reduced blood pressure and this help to reduce the risk of hypertension.

7.   Promotes heart health – Potassium, which is a potent vasodilator, helps to prevent clots from blocking the free flow of blood to the body. It also reduces the accumulation of plaque that could be found in the arteries and blood vessels. This helps to prevent conditions like heart attack and stroke.

8.   Promotes blood circulation – Pineapple helps to improve blood circulation due to the presence of potassium, which is a vasodilator. Pineapples also contain copper. Copper is another important mineral that helps to function in a series of enzymes reactions in the body. Copper is an important mineral for the formation of healthy red blood cells.

9.   Fight arthritis – Pineapples are capable of reducing inflammation of joints and muscles that may be associated with arthritis. This is because pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain. Bromelain helps the breaking down of complex proteins. It also has anti-inflammatory effects too.

10.  Boosts immunity – Pineapple is one of the richest sources of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to reduce illnesses and also boosts the immune system through the stimulation of the white blood cells, which acts as an antioxidant that defends the body against free radicals that are very harmful to the body.


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