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There are two known conventional ways to lose weight. It is either through diet or exercise. But you can actually lose weight without going through the harrowing experience of dieting and energy sapping exercises. These are the proven tips you can follow to gradually lose weight without diet or exercise.

   1.   Let protein be your friend– if you want to lose weight without exercise or diet, you have to eat plenty of protein. Protein has great effects on appetite. Protein gets your stomach filled up very quickly, and reduces the rate at which you get hungry. If you eat grain related food, it is high time you changed to protein related food like eggs.

   2.   Adopt fiber-rich foods– increasing the amount of fiber-rich food that you eat can help you in your journey to reduce weight without diet and exercise. It has been proven that fiber-rich foods help you to get fuller for a long time. A special type of fiber called viscous has been known to reduce weight.

    3.   Drink water– regular intake of water can help you to eat less food and lose weight in the long run. It is advised to take water before meal. You can replace calories-filled drinks with water. Water helps to reduce the intake of calories drastically. Drinking water one hour before a meal is known to reduce hunger. Make water your friend if you want visible results within a very short time.

    4.   Eat in smaller plates– using a bigger plate encourages eating a large portion of food. This has been linked to weight gain and also obesity. Serving your food in smaller plates encourage eating less food. Larger portions of food in bigger plates increase calories level. This strategy may look dismissive, but if you try it, the result will amaze you.

    5.   Get good sleep and avoid stress– quality sleep is important to your health. Good sleep and less stress impact your health positively. The lack of sleep and accumulation of stress can increase your appetite for more food and lead to weight gain. Not having sufficient sleep can disrupt your hormones. Hormones such as leptin and grelin are negatively impacted when you do not have sufficient sleep. These two hormones help greatly in the regulation of your appetite for food. When you are stressed, a hormone known as cortisol increases. Having hormone disruptions can increase hunger and make you want to eat unhealthy foods which may increase your calories intake. Lack of sleep and increase in stress can constitute health risk. Depriving yourself of sleep and unchecked stress can increase the risk of coming down with diseases like type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Stop consuming sugary drinks – too much sugar constitutes a big health risk today. Beverages that are full of sugar should be avoided at all cost. Soda for example has been discovered to increase the risk of many kinds of diseases. Gulping sugary beverages will increase the 

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