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Many people erroneously think that the Philippines is a South American country. As a matter of fact, the Philippines is a South East Asian country. This article explains the reason why you need to visit this amazing country. The country boasts of stunning landscapes and beautiful islands. Here are the reasons why your next travel destination should be the Philippines.

  •  Philippines is majorly Roman Catholic: In many of the South East Asian countries, you are surrounded by many Buddhist temples and Mosques. In contrast, there a lot of churches in the Philippines. The country is majorly populated by Catholics. The country was colonized by Spain. Staying in the Philippines make you feel like you are in a South American country. Philippines is an exceptional country in the South East Asia region.
    Roman Catholic
  • Visit the Malapascua Island:There are a lot of amazing islands in South East Asia, but nothing compares to the Malapascua Island. The island boasts of some of the best beaches. The island is well populated by the local people.

Malapascua Island
  • Blue beaches in the Philippines:There are stunning beaches in the Philippines. Some of the beaches are blue; which is completely different from the other beaches in South East Asia which are white. You will find blue beaches in Panglao and Bantayan Islands. You will have a memorable experience when you visit these beaches especially at night. You will feel like visiting the country every year.
Blue beaches

  •      Visit the El Nido:El Nido is a small island in an area called Palawan. It is an island anyone has to visit when you travel to Philippines. The capital of the island is Puerto Princessa. This island is truly amazing in all ramifications. Another amazing aspect of El Nido is that the island has a lot of  limestone mountains. When you book a trip to the Philippines,   make it a point of duty to visit El Nido.  
Visit the El Nido

  •      The rice terrace:Philippines boast of a collection of beautiful beaches, volcanoes and lagoons, it also has rice terrace. The 2,000 years old Banaue’s rice terrace in the Northern Luzon of Philippines is a beautiful construction made of stones. This rice terrace in on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
     The rice terrace
  •      Visit the Siquijor Island:The Siquijor Island is a beauty to behold. Many Philippines refuse to visit this Island because they ascribe it to black magic. But a visit to the Island shows it is just a myth. The Island is located in Visayas. The Siquijor Island is a very refreshing place to visit.
    Siquijor Island
  •       Diving in the Philippines:If you like diving, Philippines has some of the most interesting diving spots in the world. Some of the diving spots include Coron and Monad Shoal. Diving is also done at the Malapascua Island. It is very easy to get a diving license in the Philippines.

  • Diving in the Philippines

Without mincing words the Philippines is the best country in South East Asia when it comes to tourist attractions.


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