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Dubai emerged from an Arabian desert to become one of the most sought after travel destinations in the world. Dubai is a travel destination for businesspeople and tourists.  Dubai is a very ambitious city. Dubai has become a Mecca of some sort. The city has become a major business hub in the world. Dubai represents stunning building structures, nice looking skylines, cuisines, sprawling malls and amazing hospitality. When you travel to Dubai, the saying “travelling is part of education” will make a lot of sense to you. Don’t take our words for it; you just have to visit and experience it. Here are the 7 reasons why your next travel destination should be Dubai.

Dubai skyscrappers

  •   The skylines in Dubai are amazing: There are amazing skyscrapers in Dubai. Dubai has the record of hosting the tallest building in the world. Dubai is not just about astonishing skyscrapers, it is also about alluring skylines.

Dubai skyline

  •   Diversity of food:Dubai is a city with diversity. The population consists of people from different countries and races. The fact is that no matter where you come from, you are well covered.The cuisines are first class, and all food outlets are well monitored by the Dubai authorities in other to enforce high standard of hygiene. Dubai also organizes a food festival every year.

  •        The Dubai Palm Island:The world’s largest palm island is situated in Dubai. This island consists of a lot of mansions that are very spectacular. The island also boasts of superb luxury hotels right within the island. The Palm Jumeirah Island is a beauty to behold.

Dubai Palm Island

  •       See the tallest building in the world:As mentioned earlier, Dubai has a great number of amazing skycrappers, but the Burj Khalifa stands out. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. It measures 2,722 feet which is about 828 meters. The building has 163 floors. When you visit Dubai, you can’t help but see the Burj Khalifa for a breath taking view.
Dubai tallest building in the world

  •       Dubai is a shoppers’ destination:Dubai is home to the biggest mall in the world. Known as the “Dubai Mall”, it stocks a lot of retail items from the world’s best brands. It’s no wonder Dubai is the number one destination for shoppers. Dubai also organizes a shopping festival every January. The shopping festival attracts millions of shoppers from around the world because it comes with a chance to win a brand new car and gold too.
Dubai shopping mall

  •       Visit the “7 star” Burj Al Arab Hotel: This hotel structure has become the symbol of Dubai. The structure is simply wonderful. The hotel is built on an artificial island. The hotel is equipped with a helipad in case you have a helicopter. It also has many Rolls Royce to convey guests visiting the hotel.

Barj Al Arab hotel

  •       Go skiing in the Dubai desert:There is a slope in the desert of Dubai. It has a measurement of 22,500 square meters; it is 85 meters high, with a 5 indoor ski resort.  

Dubai skiing resorts



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  1. Dubai has a rich history that will give any visitor a feel of the traditional Arabic culture. A popular historic attraction is the Dubai Museum. FazWaz




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