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Relationship Problems

If from the beginning couples realize that there is no relationship without problems, then, there is a chance of making it to the Promised Land.

Relationship problems will always arise, what is important is how the issues are resolved; and after that, couples can go on like nothing ever happened.

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but successful couples have learnt how to tackle relationship problems before they degenerate into irreconcilable differences.

 Couples who always find a way to settle their matters are the ones with the best of love life.

Arrogant and pompous couples are the ones who find it difficult to settle their quarrels when they crop up.

Here are our three real world solutions to three naughty issues that have the tendency to destroy any relationship.

Relationship problem #1 – Communication
Enough can not be said about the pivotal role communication plays in any relationship. Almost all relationship problems stem from very poor communication. It is impossible for couples to communicate when they are busy checking their phones, watching TV or flipping through the pages of newspapers.

Practical strategies:
  • Ø Try to have an actual appointment with your partner. Put your phones off or on vibration. If you have kids, let them be in school or in bed.
  • Ø If it is difficult for the both of you to “communicate” without shouting at each other, then, make sure you fix the appointment at a public place like restaurant, library, or park. In these public places, screaming is not allowed.
  • Ø Make some rules. When your partner is speaking, do not interrupt until he or she finishes.
  • Ø Pay utmost attention when your partner is speaking.  It is not a time to look your watch. Use body language like nodding to show you are following.

Relationship problem #2 – Sex
Partners who extremely love each other can be a mismatch when it comes to sex. Different sex education materials have complicated the issue. Sex helps couples’ bonding. It helps to bring couples closer to each other. Sex helps to release hormones that assist our bodies mentally and physically.

Practical strategies:
Ø Plan sex; but not at night when every one is feeling very tired.
Ø Learn how to truly turn on your partner. Do not be ashamed to ask your spouse the best way you can do this.
Ø If couples are finding it very difficult to resolve sexual issues, they should make effort to book an appointment with a good sex therapist.

Relationship problem #3 – Money
Money issues are very thorny issues in most relationships. Many times, money problems can crop up even before couples take their vow. A lot of money problems in relationships stem from expenses incurred during courtship or after the wedding.

Practical strategies:
  • Ø Couples should be very honest about their financial situation.
  • Ø Do not hide income and debt from each other.
  • Ø Do not blame each other.
  • Ø Share responsibilities if couples are working. Responsibilities like rent, school fees and others should be shared.


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