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  After taking the vows, the next thing is to unwrap the gifts and send a thank you message to everyone. The wedding is over officially. So what is next? Marriage is a huge commitment. It is very easy to vow that your marriage won’t be boring and cantankerous like others; but it is easier said than done.

Here are the 7 marriage advice for newlyweds that will really help your marriage to start strong and stay strong for a long time to come.
  • Communication: Communication is the most important thing in any relationship. It does not mean you will have to talk all day long like parrots. The point is that you should never stop in the pursuit of knowing your partner. Talk about anything in life from politics to music; religion to business; career to relationship. Talk about the important things in life to get your spouse’s perspective and realize how knowledgeable your partner is in these areas.
  •  Learn to compromise: No matter how good couples are, it is not possible to agree on all issues 100%. You have to understand this and give in on this. On financial issues, sex and house chores; it will be difficult to please each other in these areas. Always listen to your partner and concede in some aspects. You can not have your way every time. Marriage is compromise; not imposition.
  •  Attack problems, not your spouse: The very moment things go wrong, it is easy to blame your spouse and use that as ammunition to win an argument or a fight. Marriage is not all about who is right, but about team work. Instead of wasting time and energy attacking each other, focus on attacking the problem. There will always be problems in a marriage; it is how you choose to handle the problems that will define your marriage.
  • Find time to connect everyday: If time permits, always try to eat dinner together every night. It will be a perfect time to connect after the stress of the day. If work schedule won’t accommodate dinner, do it at breakfast or lunch. If this becomes a habit, it will be easier to keep the connection for a longer time even when children come in between.
  • Put your finances in order: Money is the major reason for divorce. If you are proactive from the beginning, everything will be fine. Couples should understand each other’s stand when it comes to debt and credit issues.
  • Be open minded about your sex life: Nowadays, many couples have reached a high level of intimacy even before walking down the aisle. However, it is germane for couples to discuss what each of them wants; so as to avoid dissatisfaction with the level of their intimacy.
  • Plan your holidays: During dating, it is normal for you to go on holiday with your family. But after marriage, it becomes a team work.
   Discuss about your holiday traditions, and where to spend your next holiday. 

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