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  Eating the right foods help to support your daily intense activities. These nutrition advice form the foundation for your fitness success. The golden rule in a fitness program is that nutrition is king. Not recovering after a workout, can be traced to poor nutrition. 

  Having muscle fatigue during or after a workout is just normal; what is not normal is to wake up in the morning and feel like a 2-storey building just collapsed on you.

 The lack of nutritional support can make your active lifestyle to look like a waste of effort.

Without a comprehensive nutrition regimen to complement your active life, could mean you are heading no where.

Your body needs the ideal balance of dedicated training and good nutrition. Great athletes do not joke with proper nutrition.

Here, are our tips for nutritional success.

Nutrition fitness #1: Try to achieve balance
In order to achieve balance, you need to adhere to 80% nutrition-dense foods. Nutrition-dense foods include lean proteins, vegetables, nuts, legumes, nut butter, whole grains, fruits and organic diary. Strike balance by treating yourself to other foods that you always craved for to balance up the remaining 20%. Low carbs still have their place, but restrict them to a limit of 1-3 days maximum.

Nutrition fitness #2: Be realistic
You just have to be realistic when it comes to fitness matters and dieting. Knowing your limit is very important. It is a sign of food dieting skill to know when to say no.

A dietary formula that is hard to maintain can not be realistic in the long-term. In order to achieve long-term success, your nutritional plan must be matched with your realistic needs. You will be setting up yourself for failure if you go on a restriction regimen. To be realistic means you have to set small, achievable goals; along with good habits. Rather than cutting out the whole milk that you so much love, it will make a lot of sense if you replace it with low fat milk or coconut milk. Instead of stopping groundnut oil, replace it with soy oil. Make sure you did not deprive yourself of anything.

Nutrition fitness #3: Know yourself
Before you set out on any journey, it makes sense to know how to go about it. You have to determine exactly what you want to achieve from the start, and you have to plan on the basis of what really works for you; not what your friends told you is good for you. If you know your strengths and weaknesses, use them to your advantage. For instance, if you are a morning person and you always want to get things done in the morning, it will be better to plan your workouts in the morning to knock out fats.

Nutrition fitness #4: Prioritize your protein
Protein helps to build the muscle. Protein is an important part of diet for any active person. The general advice is that your protein intake should be between 0.7 – 1.5 grams per pound for a lean body weight. While it is acceptable for fat and carbohydrate intake to be mostly modified, protein intake should remain constant no matter what.

Nutrition fitness #5: Control carb
Always control the amount of carb intake. Carbs can make or break your physique. Know your tolerance level. It can be adjusted depending on your energy level. Eat only the appropriate amount of carb that you need.


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