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    If you have come to that point where you have become sick and tired of getting abysmal results in your love life, then, it is high time you stopped following outdated dating advice that have no substance. 

   Modern dating rules have become very complicated to the extent that dating rules are not effective due to the intricacies in dating and love life. Instead, we implore you to follow our real world dating advice that will return your love life back to reckoning.

 With this our dating advice, you will meet the right men; not the good-looking bad boys.

Here are our 5 dating tips for women:

  • Stay off dating for a while:  If you no longer find dating interesting, you just have to take a break for a while. Do not force yourself to date when you are already worn out. After calling off dating for a while, you need to return with a new mindset. Drop the baggage of the past; if not, the tales of past disappointments and doubts will continue to repel quality men from you. Get into the right frame of mind. Open your heart and try to lighten up the load of frustration in your love life. Release the negative energy.
  • Take charge of your dating destiny: Taking your destiny in your hands means developing and sticking to a strategy. Dating strategy that is! If you stick to your dating strategy you won’t be tempted to hang around with the wrong guys you have always detested. This will help you to hold on to a clear vision of what you really want. A good dating strategy will keep off the handsome-looking bad guys. A dating strategy will keep you on course and the universe will in turn attract to you the kind of man you have always wanted.
  •  Try embracing your single status: If you do not like your   single status, you may come across to men as being eager and   desperate to have a committed relationship. A lot of men will   take you for granted if you show signs of desperation. As a   matter of fact, it scares good men away. Desperation can   becloud your sense of judgement when there are red flags in   the relationship. Use the time of your single status to learn   some important things that will empower you in life like   catering or shoe making.
  • Do not compare yourself with other women: Resist the temptation to compare yourself with other women. You are not on the same path with them.  Their path may be direct to the destination of love while yours may have a stop-over before reaching your destination of love. The stop-over is in the form of the disappointing experience you had before reaching your destination of love.
  • Set the standards and pace: Do not waste time in rejecting men who want to rush you into intimacy. Always allow a man to woo you. Allowing a man to woo you will give you enough room to know if he wants a fling or is interested in a committed relationship.

    Hey ladies, have you been having more of the nice-looking bad guys making advances at you? Let’s discuss in the comment box below.


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