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Conflict Resolution Tips

It is important to understand that conflict is a natural phenomenon. Conflict is bound to happen in any area of life. What is important is how you resolve the conflict. Attitude is the most important factor in conflict resolution. When you understand how to resolve conflicts at workplace, you will have a focused team that can deliver on organizational goals. Here are to seven tips that you can effectively deploy to resolve conflict at workplace.

1.    Know the rules: It is an unwritten rule that misunderstandings or conflicts amongst employees must not affect office duties. This is what all workers must understand. If you feel uncomfortable about someone’s behavior, just take a deep breathe through your lungs and calm your emotions. Before talking the persons involved, try to reflect on the conflict and ask yourself some germane questions like:

Ø Did the persons involved in this conflict make a mistake?
Ø Are they aware of work etiquette?
Ø Did anyone of them go too far by over-reacting?
Ø Was there any misunderstanding before now?
Ensure that you have answers to these questions before talking to the persons involved in the conflict.

      2.    Schedule a convenient meeting time: After you have properly identified the roles played by each person in the conflict, it is now time to schedule a meeting. Pick a place of convenience where all persons involved can talk openly without interruptions. Make sure the meeting is schedule within 48 hours after the conflict. If you are a team leader, you need to understand how important conflict resolution is for team bonding. When they gather at the agreed place, give them 10 minutes to cool off before starting the discussion.

    3.    Conflict is natural – Always be prepared: Workplace conflict is unavoidable. The techniques for dealing with conflicts have to be well mastered. Do not be wary of conflicts. You must demonstrate your ability to deal with crises by resolving them wisely by not making the situation worse. Never show bias in resolving the conflict.

    4.    Help to facilitate communication and bonding: Workplace conflict can be minimized by helping your team to resolve personality difference using team-building techniques. One of the team-building techniques is to ensure that your team members communicate verbally, instead of using body language or gestures.
     5.    Stay calm and be civil: Managing workplace conflict entails being civil and diplomatic. When resolving conflict at workplace, calmness in the face of provocation is a great attribute.
     6.    Be patient and attentive: Listening skill is an important factor in conflict resolution. Listen patiently to all sides before intervening. When we feel offended by someone, we usually use the conflict resolution opportunity to vent our anger.

However, this always backfires because it escalates the conflict. It is important to understand that the aim of conflict resolution is not to make arguments, but to resolve conflicts.

     7.    Be open-minded: As the leader of a team, it is important to advise everyone in the conflict to be open-minded so that the conflict can be settled amicably. Open-mindedness will not allow for grudges after settling the conflict.


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