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parenting tips and advice for new parents

  Becoming parents can be very challenging. It can also be the most fulfilling experience for couples. Many new parents want to follow the steps of their parents; but things have changed. Having a very healthy relationship with your child is the first step towards being good parents. If a child has a good relationship with the parents, it will easily imply that the child will trust, respect and obey them. 

   The subject of parenting is one of the most researched over the years. There are manual when you buy a new car; unfortunately, there are no manuals for good parenting. But following our 5 parenting tips will go a long way in helping parents achieve their goal.

1.    Be very attentive: This is the most important and one of the best parenting tips. Try to have a dialogue with your child always. Listen to him in order to understand his doubts, fears, and anxieties. Listening to your child helps to calm him. Make it a point of duty to show interest in what your child does. Never try to shut down your child when he wants to talk with you. Your child will always confide in you if you show empathy. Be very approachable so that your child can confide in you instead of confiding in friends who may eventually mislead him.

2.    Make your child feel safe: A child should feel safest with his parents. Do not create a hostile environment for your child at home. Give your child a sense of belonging. Children naturally do not like arguing or bickering with their parents. Show your child how issues can be resolved peacefully without getting violent.

3.    Spend quality time with your child: Don’t just spend time; spend quality time with your child. It can be very difficult to spend ample time with your child when both parents are working and the child is left alone with a nanny. In spite of your busy schedule, you must always create time for your child. There is no substitute for this if they want to be very responsible and successful parents. Working with your child or doing house chores together can help strengthen your bond with your child.

4.    Actions speak louder than words: There are parents who say one thing and do another; this is not right for the child’s development. Children learn easily from their parents. Let your child pick the attribute of integrity from you. Always strive to do what you say. Children are very fast learners, so be careful about what you say and do.

5.    No harsh punishments: A child can not be a child if he does not make mistakes. This does not mean you should overlook his mistakes. The point is that the punishment or reaction should be fair and reasonable. Under no circumstances should you subject your child to physical or verbal attack. Hitting your child every time can eventually make him very violent. Teach your child good morals without engaging in a shouting match.

Hey parents, are you having issues with your children. Let’s discuss.


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