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Before discussing about the health-related fitness components, it is important that we know the two types of fitness components.
One is the health-related fitness components, and two is the skill-related fitness components.

The health related fitness is general for everyone; but the skill related fitness is specifically for athletes or sportspeople. Skill related fitness is also for people who have succeeded in health related fitness and need more challenge. Let us now discuss the health related components.

Health Related Fitness Components
The components of fitness are very deep, but we are going to discuss the five main components; which are: Cardiovascular fitness, muscular fitness, muscular endurance, muscular flexibility and body composition.
    1. Cardiovascular fitness: The first component is cardiovascular fitness. It actually means the health of your heart and how efficient oxygenated blood is transported to your body. Delivering oxygenated blood to the body makes the body to be   energetic.

The exercises to improve cardiovascular fitness are:
Ø Swimming
Ø Fast-paced walking
Ø Running
Ø Cycling
Ø Skipping with rope
    2.Muscular strength: Muscular strength comes second. It relates       to our ability to exert force. It means the ability to lift your body     with ease. Muscular strength is very important because it relates       to our muscle. Keeping the integrity of our muscle tissue is very       important so as to make sure we can lift up things and pick up         things with so much ease.

 Exercises to improve muscular strength are:
Ø Cycling
Ø Dancing
Ø Walking up the hill
Ø Climbing the stairs
Ø Lifting weight
Ø Push-ups and sit-ups

    3.   Muscular endurance: The third component is muscular endurance. This is another important health related fitness component. Muscular endurance is related to strength, but it is much more than just strength. It is about engaging in a particular type of movement without any signs of fatigue. For example, if you are climbing a hill, and keep going, it means you have achieved muscular endurance.

Exercises to improve muscular strength are:
Ø Plank
Ø Body weight squats
Ø Push-ups
Ø Sit-ups
    4.    Muscular flexibility: The fourth component is flexibility. It is important not to just work on our cardiovascular fitness and the strengthening of our muscles; it is also important to work on our flexibility. Muscular flexibility is the ability of the body to have a certain range of motion in our joints, and this is usually affected by the length of the muscles.

Activities to improve flexibility are:
Ø Yoga
Ø Cycling
Ø Running
Ø Dance
    5.    Body composition: Body composition is the medical and clinical reading of our body structure. It comprises our lean tissues, bone density, the connecting tissue, enzymes in our body and muscle tissues.

Body composition exercises are:
Ø Push-ups
Ø Squat jump
Ø Lunge jump
Ø Interval trainings
Ø Burpees

In conclusion, the right question to ask is: Which one is the most important health related component of all the five? The answer is very straight forward. All the components are very important. None is more important than the other.


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