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divorce prevention tips

Over the years, we have collected stories about the best and worst ways to handle separation, marriage and divorce. We want to point out ways you can work things out with your current spouse or if you have started a new relationship.
  •  Connect lovingly with your spouse everyday: There are great chances of marital success if couples dedicate 20 minutes every day to exclusively connect with each other. One way to do that is to wake up early in the morning and spend some time cuddling, make love and reaffirm your love for each other. Also take time to have very meaningful conversations every day. Hug, touch and show affection daily.
  •   Complement and appreciate each other regularly: Thank your partner every time for even the little things like serving you tea in bed. Compliment your spouse after a haircut and a hairdo. Compliment when dressed up in that new suit to the office or that new dress you bought for your spouse. Thank your partner for taking care of the children. Praise your spouse open or privately. These little things go a long way in keeping the flame of love burning. Genuine praises go a long way in making your spouse very happy.

  • Show love to your spouse the way he or she wants: We always assume that things that touch our heart deeply will automatically affect our partner the same way. It does not work that way. If you love red roses, your partner may consider it a waste of money. Take time to ask your spouse what he or she really likes and deliver it with a touch of love.
  •  Take care of your appearance: Always look the best for your spouse. Stop wearing those things your partner hate. Cleanliness is an important aspect in a relationship. Stop wearing dirty clothes; it can put off your spouse. Part of taking care of your appearance is to eat healthy foods and do regular exercises.
  •  Be faithful: Marriage is a lot term commitment. Always show that commitment to your spouse every day. Infidelity kills any marriage. Lying does not help any marriage. Drunkenness is not acceptable in a marriage. Always be responsible so as to make your marriage last.
  •  Do things together: In order to have a long lasting marriage, couples should always do things together. They should do things they find fun and exciting together  like exercise, dancing, house chores and playing cards.
  •  Be friends with your partner: The key to marital happiness and success is friendship. This kind of friendship involves being very intimate with each other and demonstrating affection and mutual respect for each other on a daily basis. This also includes genuinely enjoying each other’s company.
  •    Go for counseling: Go for counseling at least every four months. Many think counseling is for couples who are having issues in their relationship. That mindset needs to change. Counseling is also for couples who having the best of time in their lives.

If these divorce prevention tips are properly applied, couples would never come close to divorcing each other.


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