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Result oriented exercises are the very basic ones. They are very easy to perform. So let’s go back to the basics. These are exercises that work wonders. No matter who you are, these exercises will work for you. You have heard about them before now. They have been there for generations.

We present to you the fitness moves you really need now. You can combine them into a quick, effective workout in order to compliment the extra training you are performing right now.
Caution: Don’t perform these exercises more than 5-6 times a week because even the great athletes of this world need some rest. Here are the routines:

1. Kettlebell Swings: Many overlook this element of a workout. It is of great importance. It works well for those hips of yours. Kettlebell workout is one of the best for the hips. It is less strenuous. You don’t need a gym to perform kettlebell swings but you definitely need a kettlebell.

Benefits of Kettlebell Swings
  •  Burn calories: Researchers have discovered that the average kettlebell workout can burn up to 20 calories in a minute. That amounts to burning 600 calories in 30 minutes. That’s significant! Kettlebell swings also have an after-burn effect. It means your body continues to burn calories long after your workout session is ended. That’s a great! Remember to eat healthy diets to compliment your kettlebell swing exercises.
  •  Burn fat: If your aim is to burn excess fat from your thighs, belly, or arms, then you must welcome kettlebell swings with open arms. Swings and different kettlebell moves can burn a great amount of calories in the shortest possible time and it also helps build muscle mass. Gradually, you start seeing your fat disappear in no time.
  •  Healthy Heart: Every time you do a workout, just know that you are doing your heart a big favour because kettlebell swings combine both cardiovascular and strength training. It’s one of the best for a healthy organ. 

2. Squats: This is another simple move that is highly effective. The squats work well for your calves, glutes and quads. It helps your flexibility a great deal. You can perform it using a bar to rest behind
your shoulders or without a bar. Make sure that you keep your back as straight as possible while lowering and also ensure that you are not lifting your heels off the ground.

Benefits of squatting
  •  Increases Flexibility: Doing squats can increase joint flexibility. The ankles, knees, hips and lower back are all well utilized when performing squat exercises. Ensure that you maintain proper form so as to avoid injury. If you feel pain in any of these areas, just discontinue the exercises until the pain is reduced or gone.
  •  Strengthens the core: Squats help to engage the core muscles of your body. The abdominal and the back muscles are greatly needed to keep balance during squats movement. The result comes in the form of a tighter, flatter abdomen and a stronger lower back.
  • Tones the legs: Squat exercises comprehensively engage the quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles, which in turn helps to tone and strengthen the legs. By slowing the motion down, it makes the workout a lot more intense.

3. Plank: It’s very understandable that the plank exercise can be very boring. Fitness trainers have recommended it as the best for your abs. It works on every part of your abdomen; including your back and helps to keep a good posture. Five minutes plank exercises will do you a whole lot of good in the long run.

Benefits of plank exercises
  •  Strengthens core muscles: Plank exercises work on all the major muscle groups of your core, including transverse and oblique abdominal muscles and the buttocks (glutes).
  • Enhances your metabolism: Performing plank exercises every day will help every one who lives a sedentary lifestyle. Performing them for just five minutes a day can help boost your metabolism throughout the day and even in the night. 
  •  Mood improvement: Almost all exercises are capable of boosting your mood, but the strengthening and stretching effect of plank exercises help to release muscles that have become very stiff from prolonged sitting. It helps to relieve tension too.

4. Pull-Ups: When it comes to versatility, there can be no better exercise for your back, biceps, lats and your abs than the pull-ups exercises. Pull- ups work on these areas all at once. If you want a good V-shaped torso, then daily pull-ups have to be on your list. Pull-ups help to give you that all-round fitness level that you have always wanted.

Benefits of pull-ups
  • Fat loss: If you have always wanted to loss fat, pull-ups are the best for you. Pull-up exercises are very easy, but a lot of people find it difficult to perform especially in the beginning. To do pull- ups correctly, all you need is just a rod. Pull-ups help in general weight loss; not just your belly.
  •  Improves mood: It is no secret that exercises help to improve your mood. Doing pull-ups can change your outlook and help you to perform better at work. Pull-ups can help solve your mood problem if you always feel moody all the time.
  •  Improves posture: Pull-ups help in the strengthening of your back, by so doing, it helps to give you a straight posture. Pull-ups are very good for people who sit in a position for a long time. They are good for people who do desk jobs – a receptionist for example.

5. Push-Up: Push-up is commonly known as press-up. It is a type of calisthenics exercise performed by raising and lowering your body by using the arm. Push-up exercises are very popular in military training's and they are also performed by athletes. Push-up exercises are well known to be a form of punishment in the military, school sports and in martial arts.

Benefits of push-ups
  •  Enhancement of the cardiovascular system: Push-ups are wonderful cardiovascular exercises that support heart health and helps in the reduction of stored body fats. Push-up exercises call up multiple muscle groups. When engaging large muscle groups, the heart works a lot harder to deliver oxygen-rich blood to the tissue of the muscle.
  • Protects shoulders from injury: Rotator cuff injury is one of the common injuries on older adults. It can be debilitating. Protecting this delicate part should be of high priority.
  • Improved posture: Bad posture can actually destroy your health and comfort as you grow older. A common reason for bad posture is weak core muscles. For you to properly hold your shoulders and back, your entire core has to be strong enough so as to support its vertical positions. When you perform push ups properly, the muscles responsible for supporting your posture are strengthened.


  1. I do a lot of squats and planks, you don’t have to be strong or fit so they are great starter exercises!

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