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Successful weight loss demands you adhere to the combination of these
three components: good nutrition, physical activity and behavior
modification. Attempting to loss weight is not a joke.
Many people in the past have made attempts to loss weight but ended
falling by the way side after realizing they lack the required discipline to
keep them in check. Losing weight requires unprecedented discipline if
you want to get results. You must have heard this; “Calories in, calories
out” .Those words should be your guide. To achieve weight loss; do the

1. Change your lifestyle: Part of changing your lifestyle includes
saying goodbye to smoking of cigarettes, drinking alcohol and
making fast food eateries your source of daily meals. You avoided
these bad habits in your first week or second week of your weight
loss program; but in the third week, a pack of cigarettes is back in
your pocket, you are boozing or taking carbonated drinks and the
cupcakes are back into your live again - You are back to square

Lifestyle change means exchanging bad habits with good habits.
Doing this alone, can help you loose 10 to 20 pounds.

2. Cut sugar and starch: One surefire way to reduce weight is to cut
back on sugar and starch which are carbohydrates. Both help to
stimulate the secretion of insulin the most. In case you do not
know, insulin is the major fat storage hormone in the body. When
you reduce insulin in-take, fat easily extricate itself from the body.

Following this step can make you loose 10 pounds in the first

3. Exercises: In order to loose weight, you need to exercise your
body. Hit the gym. Lifting weights at the gym can help you loss
calories very fast. If you are the type that can not lift heavy metals;
just do a light walk, jog or dance while washing dishes. Exercises
help to tone up your body and make you look fitter in your clothes.

4. Eat Protein and Vegetables: Make sure your meals have protein
source, fat source; not forgetting low carb vegetables.
Restructuring your food in this way, can immediately bring your
in-take of carbs to a recommended range of between 20-50 grams
each day.

Protein sources – Lamb, beef, chicken, beans, pork etc.
The best source for fat is coconut oil. The fat in coconut oil is far
healthier than that of groundnut oil.

Fat sources – Olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, butter
Don’t forget to add low carb vegetables to your meals. You can
have a whole lot of them.

Low-carb Vegetable Sources – Cabbage, lettuce, cucumber,
spinach, broccoli.

5. Don’t starve yourself: Going hungry by skipping meals is not a
way to loss weight. Don’t starve yourself to death. Make sure you
take your breakfast regularly. Starving yourself may eventually
make you to consume more in the long run.

6. Don’t Compare yourself with others: Metabolisms are not the
same. So the way your body responds is quite different from

Our metabolism rates are different. The amount of calories people
burn are different from one person to another. The amount of
exercises that we engage in is also different. If you see
improvement in others, it is because of these factors. Be patient,
you will soon see results too. Doing comparison will be the easiest
way to get discouraged and loss focus in your goal to ultimately
achieve weight loss
7. Drink plenty of water: People can sometimes confuse thirst with
hunger. But you may end up consuming extra calories when what
you actually need is just a glass of water. Drink water, not soda!

8. Use smaller plates: Using smaller plates can help you to eat in
smaller portions. By eating in smaller plates and bowls, you can
gradually get used to eating in smaller portions without going
hungry. It takes just 20 minutes for the stomach to notify the brain
that it's full. Try to eat very slowly and make sure you stop eating
even before your belly gets full.

9. Plan your meals: Try as much as possible to plan your breakfast,
lunch, dinner and snacks for the whole week. Make sure you stick
to your calorie allowance. You can make a weekly shopping list.

10. Detoxify: The human body is a machine that eliminates
waste. Six organs are responsible for this: the colon, kidneys, liver,
lungs, lymph nodes and skin. These organs work together to rid
your body of toxic waste every day. When one or two of these
organs are compromised, your body and health will suffer as toxins
cause disease.

These kinds of problems usually start with what we eat. To avoid
toxins, we must do away with dead foods (canned foods),
processed foods, refined sugars and fats. These foods do a lot of
harm to the body. They poison the blood and cause constipation.

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